Gannon sings while Kai Hiwatari attacks Duke Nukem

CDI Gannon tries to become Zelda's husband and sings "Die Die My Darling" to Zelda in an attempt to be romantic. Meanwhile "over the hills and far away" as the rock band Led Zeppelin might say, Kai Hiwatari of Beyblade starts a war with Duke Nukem because Kai is batshit insane... and he has Over 9000 Tsar Bombs armed/ready to go as well. DAMN IT JAPAN, YOUR KIDS ARE WAY TOO VIOLENT MINDED TO BE SO FUCKING SMART! XD
*sorry, I got Kai's last name wrong at first. I don't watch Beyblade but my friend said a act like Kai sometimes.... I don't know why thats a bad thing since "anti-social" is still SOCIAL. Hahahah!*

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