I thought my first YouTube Poop didn't use enough sentence altering so, I made this video to make up for it. Again, all is done for Comedy and is meant to be Funny. Be butthurt over nothing if you want and choose whatever you want in life, I could give a rats ass.
My theory on Geerup converting to Atheism is that he would disprove the existance of God *is there even a need for that?* but aside from that... "Boltdown" would be just as iggnorant/crazy then Geerup is not MORE. See if you give someone freedom when their not ready *smart/strong enough* for it then, they go batshit insane. I'm glad Boltdown is only a fictional spin-off I made by twisting Geerup's username. Geer/Gear becomes Bolt and this person is the oppasite of Geerup so, UP is now DOWN. Thus, the name Boltdown was created.

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