How are hypnotic techniques used in church services. What do they do?

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Comment by Reality Activist on March 3, 2009 at 4:03pm
As a young man, I played around with hypnosis. Later I learned various meditation techniques. It has made me more very aware of the trance like states that many religious believers obtain. Sometimes with this knowledge, one actually can tell a religious person, without even talking to them. You see it mostly with Muslims because they pray so often. The result is that their eyelids are partially closed and they look like they are in a dream state. I have seen Christians act the same way. In actuality, they are in a dream state because they have hypnotize themselves with the various passages from their holy book. It also enables them to ignore the obvious that the average person perceives.
A couple of years ago, Judge Moore had an event at the Washington Mall. They had these huge screens with various prophets talking, singing, and praying. Although the turn out was far less than they wanted, being close to around three hundred people while they were in their trances was very enlightening and scary. It was like mass hysteria. The trance like state is what enables terrorists to take their own lives during their terrorist activities.



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