* Decide you want something other than yourself to exist. Check.
* Create a being by the name of Lucifer, with full knowledge that this being will betray you and ultimately cause the suffering of billions of souls unnecessarily. Check.
* Allow a horrible place like Hell to be created, by yourself or Lucifer perhaps. And allow that place to continue existing. Don't override or halt the creation of such a horrible place - it will come into play later. Check.
* Create objective standards of right and wrong and label any action that is contrary to your standards of right "sin". Check.
* Create the earth and a physical universe in which it can exist, all with the physical appearance of age, and then create a tree with fruit that provides knowledge of your objective moral standards. Check.
* Then create two sentient cognitive beings who have no knowledge or awareness of these standards and instruct them not to eat from the tree which would enlighten them. In other words, arrange it so that only after they eat from the tree are they capable of understanding that eating from the tree was in fact a sin. Check.
* Make sure that these cognitive beings are capable of reproducing and multiplying, and then arrange it so that as soon as one of the cognitive beings does commit the sin, everyone one of their descendants until the end of time will be born guilty for that sin and will be inherently deserving of punishment. Check.
* Allow Lucifer to take a physical form and to make a convincing case to one of them for eating from that tree. Do not prevent this or intervene. Check.
* Once your cognitive beings eat from the tree and finally understand what "sin" is, right on schedule by the way, punish them for having committed it. You know, make life finite, food unplentiful, childbirth incredibly painful, etc. etc. Check.
* Once these cognitive beings start to reproduce and multiply do NOT by any means allow each of them to born with a clean-slate with an option to remain sin free, judged on their own merit. But rather, instead install in these cognitive beings a sinful nature from birth. Check.
* Arrange so that these cognitive beings have a "soul" which keeps their thoughts and feelings in existence forever, one way or another. Then allow the sinfulness of these beings to be incompatible with your presence and let Hell be the only place their souls can go once they exit the physical world. Disclaimer: Do not make any attempt to spare these souls the eternal torture of hell, such as allowing souls to stop existing altogether or creating an additional nonphysical place for them to stay besides with you or Hell. Check.
* Declare that until further notice at least the only way for these cognitive beings to rectify their sinful nature while on earth is to perform ritual animal sacrifices and other acts of senseless violence. Also, when certain sins are committed by any of your cognitive beings, demand that the surrounding community kill that being themselves. Check.
* Perform many epic miracles for all to see and intervene often with your physical creation. Stop the sun in the sky. Part the Red Sea. Turn rivers into blood and women into pillars of salt. Give men superhuman strength. Speak to the thousands with a booming voice from heaven, etc. etc. But before these cognitive beings become advanced enough in the areas of science and communication that they can actually document, share, play back and verify these epic miracles, make sure that you stop performing them altogether. Check.
* After several thousand years, impregnate one of these cognitive beings so that she gives birth to your son in physical form, who also happens to be you at the same time. Check.
* Allow these cognitive being who is yourself but also you to grow up and make several revisions to you/your son's original standards of morality, and then arrange for other cognitive beings to torture and kill you/your son. Authorize this act of sacr

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Comment by katalyzt on October 8, 2009 at 6:58pm
Perfectly done...

Comment by Kenneth on April 29, 2009 at 7:17pm
Great vid! Thanks.



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