Harry Potter Lead Me Straight to Witchcraft

some jesus camp in Texas

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Comment by LotusGeek on July 3, 2011 at 4:59pm

So this obviously easily-duped "sheep" somehow equates a fictional/fantasy series (Harry Potter) into Wicca? In reality, they are NOTHING alike; additionally she's simply exchanged one "magical" cult (Wicca) with another one (xianity). Plus, I am a firm believer that addictive personalities (i.e. those who tend to be psychologically susceptible to addictions) are also easily sucked into religion - basically, as Marx said, religion is an "opiate for the masses".

As a side note - where were her parents? If she really did have an "altar" in her room, wouldn't her parents notice? "Without my mom knowing" my ass - if she really did have an altar.

Vampirism? Even more of an example of her easily led, addictive personality.

And she's equating atheism with being abusive? Riiiiiight...

Oh, and I've known people like her - people who take on the religion of whatever person they're dating, or whatever group in which they're a member.

Finally, I REALLY hate people who blame external stuff - whether it be books, art, movies, etc. - for THEIR weaknesses. It is NOT the external item's "fault" - it's THEIRS for being weak-minded.

OK, enough venting for now... ;)



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