Hats, paintings, books and other miscellanea - what do you have to offer?

If you have anything that you would like to donate to the ebay auction then please send us a message at:

We will then get back to you and let you know what information we need.

We will accept any donations provided that they can be sold on ebay without breaching their Terms of Use. And provided that they will not bring the charity into disrepute.

For example, Matt Dillahunty is offering the wig that he wore when he appeared on the Atheist Experience in drag!

Items can be donated at any time up to a week before the event.

If you want up to date information about the event and details of who will be appearing, please visit the website:

From that site you will be able to link to the donation pages, the facebook page and twitter.

Those sites are:

First Giving:

Just Giving:



You can download this video from here:

If you do mirror the video could yo please also include the links in the description.

Thank you.

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