"HIP HOP" - A music video by indie rapper,humanist & activist artist FREETHOUGHT M.C.

Freethought M.C. is an ac­tivist, free­thinker, hu­man­ist, uni­tar­i­an uni­ver­sal­ist, pan­the­ist, taoist, zen bud­dhist, med­i­ta­tor, tantric and yo­ga prac­ti­cioner -​ not ex­act­ly the first things you would ex­pect from a hip hop artist. The "M.C." stands not for mas­ter of ceromonies but rather "Man of Con­science".

I de­cid­ed to com­pose this song (last year) and the ac­com­pa­nied video as a re­sponse to a few so-​called "rap­pers" claim­ing that they are the fu­ture of the mu­sic. Just be­cause you make loot and wear a t-​shirt that says "I am hip hop", doesn't mean that you rep­re­sent RE­AL hip hop (I am NOT men­tion­ing any names, but we all know the names of the rap­pers that I am pre­fer­ring to).

Many thanks to KRS-​ONE (as I am a de­vot­ed pupil of THE TEM­PLE OF HIP HOP move­ment) for the hook and pro­duc­tion prophets for the beat.

Check out my sites and sup­port in­de­pen­dent hip hop and al­ter­na­tive rap -​ and hu­man­ism and rea­son if you are in­ter­est­ed in learn­ing more about me...PEACE!







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Comment by FREETHOUGHT M.C. on April 24, 2010 at 1:57pm
Sorry about the sound levels being off (too loud, distortions). The mastered (radio version) will be on the new album, out June 15th!! Lyrics to be posted on myspace page in my blog very soon. PEACE.