Hitchslap 4- Islam and Christianity are immoral and offensive

"Hitchens puts the case against the Abrahamic religions so succinctly"

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Comment by Malcolm Grant Hutton on October 15, 2011 at 4:56pm

    I had to learn a good deal of Ancient Egyptian to discover the truth behind these religions.    Basically what I found was that Israel was Lower Egypt.   This is made very clear in 1 Samuel chapters 4 to 6.    For example we know that Bethshemesh was Heliopolis next to Cairo and according to Samuel that is where the capital of Israel once was.


       But there is much more evidence than that as it is easy to identify most biblical patriarchs as Egyptian Pharaohs.    There is so much proof for Ymn Htp III  aka   Salim Amen III being King Solomon, it runs into several pages down to the finest details.  Abraham, Thera, Joshua, Cain, Abel, Isaac, Joseph, David, Nahor, Salitis, Jacob - these are all names of Egyptian kings.



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