How To Spot Bullsh!t: Question-Sayers

If someone argues by saying a bunch of questions — while ignoring perfectly reasonable answers — they probably subscribe to a bullshit belief system.

Answers to questions in this video:
Q. If evolution is real, where are the transitional fossils?
A. All fossils are transitional fossils. Species tend to change slowly in a stable environment, however, and fast changes — the appearance of new species — tend to occur over short geological timescales, with tiny numbers of individuals involved. Many types of fossils being rare by nature, the fossil record therefore is not nor could it ever be 100% complete. Doubters can always use this fact to claim that critical evidence is missing, but it is a bit like denying that a murder occurred just because no photograph exists of the bullet in mid-flight.

Q. How did the World Trade Center buildings fall straight down like that?
A. Gravity points straight down, by the definition of "down." In the case of a steel skyscraper with no concrete core, like all three collapsed WTC buildings, once the perimeter steel began to buckle, the load of the upper floors immediately transferred to other columns, which failed in quick succession. The upper portion of the building never rotated more than a few degrees as the upper portion descended into the lower. These buildings were over 95% air, with no central concrete core. And there were no sideways forces strong enough to accelerate the upper portion away from this path. So, they came straight down. However, the buildings hardly collapsed into their own footprints. Debris was ejected in all directions, and even 7 World Trade Center's collapse destroyed part of a building across a four-lane street.

Q. Why are there no stars in the background of the Moon landing footage?
A. The TV video cameras brought to the moon were crude and were designed to capture the brightly lit scene on the surface, not faint distant starlight.

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