Christian/religious statements that I believe are benefitted by slight amendments for the sake of accuracy and objectivity.

Please note: Throughout this video I'm NOT saying that there is no god, or that the bible is not the word of god, or that miracles don't happen, or that jesus didn't die for our sins etc. I'm simply saying that I believe you cannot be certain of this "knowledge". However we can be certain of natural human traits, behaviours and inclinations etc that could possibly inspire somebody to assert certainty when it is in fact difficult/impossible.

If you're a christian, how would you critique a muslim person that states they "KNOW" that the Koran is the word of god? How would it differ from the critique of christian beliefs in this video?

If you genuinely KNOW god exists, can you tell me how you can be certain?
1) "Feelings" are clearly fallible and open to error
2) Interpretations of text are clearly subjective and therefore also open to error, bias, influence (not to mention editing) etc etc
3) If it's because Jesus walked on water, were you there to see it? Or are you placing trust in fallible people who existed thousands of years ago that you've never met? Trust is NOT certainty.
4) If you did see Jesus walking on water, is it possible that it a trick that you were simply unable to work out, or was it an hallucination perhaps?
5) If you just "know" that god exists, is it impossible for you to have made a mistake? If not, why not?

If you disagree with the corrections I made in the video, can you explain why they're incorrect or inaccurate. If you can't, you don't have an argument.

I repeat, I'm NOT saying you're wrong, I'm simply saying that you can't be 100% certain (or as certain as we're realistically capable of being about anything).

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Family Fortunes correct incorrect buzzer noises sounds

Damn it. Typo at the end *your* not *you're*. Sorry. Would you believe me if I told you that it was deliberate, simply a tool used to highlight the fallibility of man? :D
Checked through this literally about 20 times for mistakes, then as soon as I uploaded it I spotted it.

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