My rational response to THIS ARTICLE HERE:

"Businesses would suffer but in many cases I'd laugh at it and cheer. My only concern is hospitals/emergancy response units being in the dark if there were to be a major crisis, when it rains it pours you know? As for the idiots who didn't bother learning directions by heart, can't get food without a credit card or love their Ipods so much - LULZ AT YOU. Looks like people will be forced to LEARN or SUFFER. XD
This however seems like another Y2K scare tactic to me, good thing my papa taught me: "always have a back-up plan and a fail-safe in the ship starts taking water." Technology maybe great but the best piece of hardware is the human mind. Computers as we know will of course fall one day but, modernized versions will replace them. 8-Track Tapes and Beta Video died out long ago but no one is freaked about that or missing those too much today... see?
My family still drives to the bank, I use my PC for enterainment/communications purposes. If the net "breaks" I could play my ps2, practice more soccer/kendo and any important people/me could write letters or meet in person so.... no big deal. I have a Sansa 4GB MP3 player and I could charge it with my PS2, play a game to have music later. If the power goes out, drawing and telling stories/singing by candle light is fun. ;)"
"Humanity" by The Scorpions
"Picturing The Past" by Sonata Arctica

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