If God loves people it shouldn't require bowing down and kissing his feet. He should be able to say "You made some bad choices in your life, you didn't believe in me or you believe in another higher power, but I still love you, you are still my child". But no, he doesn't do that. What the abrahamic God Yahweh does instead, he says "if you don't come here and kiss my feet im going to burn you for all eternity in a like of fire." That's not a loving God at all. That is a vindictive, sadistic, and cruel God. Even if Yahweh were real, which by all evidence shows he isn't, that is not a God I would worship. If it turns out that he does exist, and there is a hell, I will gladly take my punishment, knowing that I lived my life in a good decent manner without the need to praise a being for just existing when there is no proof for his existence, than to worship him blindly without real evidence to go to heaven, with my free will stripped from me. to praise him forever and ever.
That's just me...


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