JezuzFreek777 Caught CRYING About His YouTube Comments

Reuploaded because so many people loved it, thanks guys and please Sub, Rate and Comment again.
Fuck off WMG! I had to change the song but now, I used one by LORDI. Get it? God, Lord - LORDI?! XD
This guy just pissed me off not only by saying GTA4 should be boycotted but... he even said Super Mario and Mario Kart were violent. Super Mario Is Violent? LOL WTF?! I admit GTA as a series is a T for Teen game *not early 20's dumbshit* and is not for little kids. Then again, I knew kids wjo were playing Mortal Combat at 9 years old. In fact - I LOVED THE OLD SCHOOL GAMES. I knew they were NOT real however and it DID NOT influence me at all. If your child goes and shoots someone because a game said it was "cool" or something then, guess what? YOU FAILED AS A PARENT. You say "protect your children" but, are you "PREPARING your children" for the real world? You can't shelter them forever but, I do see your side. However, GTA4 not being allowed for ANYONE to play? That goes too far. And because you attack the game and others in such a facist and totalitarian way, I decided to counter-strike with a much better weapon than debunking something by saying "it isn't good!11!!" - LAUGHTER. Thats right, laughter IS the best Medicine and is more powerful than even a gun/bomb. Know why? It targets more than 1 person and it is peaceful. No propaganda is a match for COMEDY. *Seeing him cry over a comment was almost TOO funny.*

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