Kirk Cameron And Bananas

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Comment by Jose Alvarado on January 26, 2011 at 3:54pm
"Correlation is not Causation"!!!...just because a banana's shape happens to correlate with the shape of a hand is not evidence that a creator made it so....what does it say then that most fruits and vegetables are not correlated with "the shape of the hand"? Atheists do not go around saying god does not exist because a human cannot grasp a watermelon with one hand and it has no easy pull off tab to get to the juicy middle! This is because people that are not "doped up" with religion will understand simply that "Correlation is not Causation"!...the banana experiment is proof however that religion is regressive for society because it leads people to make the type of associations that appealed to our paleolithic ancestors (root shaped like foot must therefore be medicine to cure feet or woman giving still birth on a full moon means full moon killed baby, etc.). Religious people always long for a simpler time as if they really would be happier when most people would not live past 40, one out of every two children would not make it into adulthood and society would be plagued by disease that would maim & cripple, crime that would leave you destitute, and social injustices that would disenfranchise every single group that was not currently in power!!!!.....Good Times!!!
Comment by Agusia N on January 9, 2010 at 10:31am
This so called "Atheist's nightmare" is a must see ! I crack myself up every time I see it;0)



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