This is a clip from 12/01/02, two days after my dad died. It was a Sunday, and a friend of mine (Guy Delvillano, the piano player) had a regular live blues matinee at an Ottawa pub. I basically walked in, and told him about my dad and he said, …"well, I guess you're sitting in with the band today".

The seated bass player (right in front of me) is Bob "Bobbitybob-o" Marquis, seated because he had just been released from the hospital after a long, …and victorious battle with stomach cancer.

It was an emotionally charged jam.

This is a clip of a guitar solo, I have no idea what the tune was, but it was cathartic.

I had brought a picture of dad, it was placed on the mantle behind Guy (it's also the picture at the end of the clip), just before Guy hands of the solo to me he sings, "Ahhh Richard, …and honored guest (dad)."

Not my best playing, but it is raw, impromptu and mostly grief.

(yes I re-used it as a happy new year '04 video, hence the cheesy graphic).

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