Gayle Myrna performs her original song "Lonely Travelers" at Back to the Grind, Riverside, CA Aug 2 2011. Thanks to Pete Flowers for the video.

I posted this at Atheist Nexus because of it secular/atheist slant. Enjoy!


"Lonely Travelers"
copyright 2010 by Gayle Myrna

The sun rides low over jagged hills
Dogs bark in the distance
For miles I hear their hollow cries
We live, we die

There are monsters living inside us
That can devour us alive
There's strength within us
That can help us survive


We're lonely travelers
Visitors to this place
We're lonely travelers
Through time and space

But there's no higher power
No savior on the way
We're alone for the ride
Every brand new day

We've got a sliver of day
Between the nights
Just this moment is ours
The dark and the light

Repeat chorus

Now the sun slips away
Waiting for another day
Everything becomes the past
And is a dream at last

The dogs are silent now
Huddling in the cold outside
I hear the echoes of their cries
We live, we die
We live, we die
We live, we die

Repeat chorus

We live, we die
We live, we die
We live, we die

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