Didn't know what to call it honestly..ha. The stuff in the beginning references one of my other vids. You can find my music at http://www.facebook.com/ertraub#!/pages/Eric-Traub-Music/214982530322

I need some introspection; existentialistically dissecting every inch of me/ detecting what’s intrinsically the source of my misery/ remorse is revisiting, recourse isn’t viscerally what I move toward initially/ cause no one can quickly get... intimate with what it is in me/ and no soul has an emotional affinity to fittingly pity me/ this epitome of mystery/ literally, esotEric Traub since my infancy/ but now I’m just downtrodden physically/ future’s looking dismally similar to my history/ the symmetry is limiting, but I’ll go to infinity along this bad track into this place I never pictured me/ and it’s not where I wanna be/ I’m like a prodigy who settled for monotony/ turned his odyssey from drama to a comedy and I just need a sense of humor/ or a day off but life is not as fair as Bueller/I wasn’t born unfortunate or with the shorter stick/ but I can’t ignore that I sure should be more than this/ if poorer kids can get through horridness with wars n sick from famine, how can I imagine my life is more torturous/ but yet I spend an inordinate time stuck in vacancy/ with my brain in latency crushed by my complacency/ waiting patiently for the day that there’s a change in me/ aimlessly chasing dreams, blatantly making these/ bad decision piling up this mountain debt/ cold and out of his breathe/ a thousand problems for me now to address/ I hear a shout from a friend but stay inanimate/ and drift away alone like Wilson in Castaway/ it doesn’t matter what I have to say, I’ll lack accolades until the day after I pass away/ but If I can fascinate one, imagination/ it doesn’t matter if I’m lain in a casket I won through admiration

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