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Hats off to you, Wafa Sultan. In 1979, a young medical student from Syria, named Wafa Sultan, was marked forever when their eyes, the Muslim brothers murdered their teacher Yusef al Yusef firing hundreds of bullets. Yusef was not Jewish, nor Christian, was simply a renowned ophthalmologist who riddled fans in a classroom at the University of Aleppo, while problamaban that Allah was great.

That performance made Wafa lost faith in Islam. In fact, he could (10 years later) moved to the United States, where they reside today. Today, a graduate in medicine (specializing in psychiatry) and a U.S. citizen, has become one of the most critical Arab voices against Islam.

Interestingly, one of the points that seems to offend the fundamentalists, who see it as a heretic and probably descuartizarían if they could, is that Wafa dares to say what he says being a woman. And it argues that, as a well-known hadith , which she cites as an example sometimes nefarious inequalities proclaimed by Islam:

"Paradise of the Muslim woman is under the foot of her husband."

On February 21, 2006, Wafa intervened from Los Angeles in a debate on Al Jazeera, on the theory of Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington. Opposite, the wrath of the presenter and a religious studies professor known Egyptian named Ibrahim Al-Khouli.

Many of you no doubt seen the video of that program that opens this post (in this case a thousand pardons), but until yesterday, when I found him on Facebook subtitled into Castilian, I knew nothing of this brave woman. Wafa is sad to think that I could not say everything he says is not found safe in a democratic country. But this video has explained to me why many of the things we see now in the news.

I think in the West we are (or were) aware of the important role that Al Jazeera has played in the Arab community, which in a way opened to the world. Probably due to the gap that this television has given to dissenting voices such as Wafa, this year we have lived and mostly civic movements lay in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have finished (or are on track to do) with their tyrants.

Now we just have to wait that these proud people, who have risen peacefully and apparently without being influenced by religious or spiritual guides, but by sheer hunger for reform and democracy, culminating these processes without the intervention of the opportunists.

And when I say opportunistic, I am not referring only to Islamic fundamentalists, surely willing to put a dent in the troubled waters of the current chaos, but ourselves Westerners. For we who aupamos the tyrants now overthrown, to be our shield against immigration, fundamentalism and cuts in oil supplies. The desire for democracy of the people gave us the same!

Now it is trusted. Perhaps among those jalean to Mubarak, Ben Ali and Gaddafi has trained young people and moderate, not afraid to say what they think of fundamentalism. You may understand that the path to development must come from science and knowledge, not a faith that encourages end the does not think alike.

Maybe we're watching the beginning of a new era in the Maghreb and the Middle East where democracy, secularism, skepticism and critical thinking to illuminate the light of reason to one of the regions most secular blinded by barbarism . Actually, I believe that it could be and hopefully not be too extreme optimism.

Meanwhile Mrs Sultan will you forgive me this phrase decidedly sexist, but I swear a long time not seen anyone with some balls like yours.
(translated from European Spanish)

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