Newsnight: Faith Healers - BBC2 22 June 2011

Jenny Johnstone works for ThetaHealing, a group of faith healers who claim to be able to cure cancer.

Newsnight sent an undercover researcher, who said she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, to Warrington to ask the practitioner what ThetaHealing could do for her.

When Newsnight contacted Ms Johnstone after the meeting, she refused to answer any questions. She still insists she has healed a baby's stomach cancer, but said there was no point trying to prove it because the BBC would not believe her anyway.

A group of faith healers who claim they have miracle cures for cancer and HIV have been condemned as "irresponsible, even criminal" by a professor of complementary medicine, following a BBC Newsnight investigation.

The group of healers, collectively known as ThetaHealing, claim that their technique - which focuses on thought and prayer - can teach people to use their natural intuition and "brain wave cycle" to "create instantaneous physical and emotional healing."

ThetaHealing have about 600 practitioners in the UK who charge up to £100 per session.

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