North Hollywood Shootout Tribute - 44 Minutes

This is one of those days when the world is rocked to it's core and opens it's eyes wider. 2 Gunman with full body Kevlar armor VS over 350 Cops yet, it took forever to take them down! In less than 1 Hour *44 minutes to be approximate* it was done... in a way the gunman are heroes yet I hate them too. Because of them, some LA Pigs now carry fully automatic machine guns in the trunks of their squad cars. Same time, pretty damn good job guys. Armor Piercing ammo plus a couple AK-47's means a huge can of whoop ass! LOL, the cops had to go buy AR-15's and ammo in the middle of this because they were unprepared. All and all, both gunman died but lots of cops were injured at least. Only few died compared to how many were hit. One of the 2 *forget which one* forgot to cover his entire legs/hands which was ultimately his downfall. The two men wanted to Rob a bank and get out quick but, the bank had changed their delivery time. By the time they got inside the truck had already been there/left with most of the cash they wanted. And take note of how dumb Larry was - THE 8 MINUTE RULE ONLY APPLIES IF THE COPS DON'T KNOW YOUR IN THERE! Once they do, clock is ticking. However Larry, if one see's you in a bank with a gun... well, what now huh? Fucking idiot... P.S.- the last line was a quick parody of South Park. He didn't get killed, he commited suicide and frankly - WHO WOULDN'T?! Why be a trophy for a corrupt and failed law system?
FOOTAGE: The North Hollywood Shootout Of 1997
SONGS BY: Megadeth

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