Oral Sex Can Reduce the Cause of Miscarriages (No Seriously)

This is a topic that I normally wouldn't talk about, but I felt like doing so because its interesting right now.
A recent study shows that Women who give oral sex to guys and they where to swallow, they would have fewer miscarriages/Stillbirths. And I know many of you are saying "No shit.... They wont get pregnant, meaning no miscarriages and what not..." But, keep listening... If they were to get pregnant with said guy that they preformed oral sex with. It would be less likely for them to have a miscarriage, not just because of that, but also because there are unique proteins in every man's sperm, and the more... ahem... "familiar" a woman is with her partner's semen, the more likely her uterus is to accept it when it's time to procreate. And according to science, the very best way to get familiar with your sexual partners semen is to digest it.
It's also found that pregnant women who practiced oral sex with their sexual partner were even less likely to have preeclampsia, which is a condition where the woman's immune system rejects her own placenta, presumably because she's less likely to recognize the fetus as a foreigner, making it even more likely to cause less miscarriages/ stillbirths.
Or as said by Dr. Gustaaf Dekker: "If there's repeated exposure to that signal then eventually when the woman conceives, her cells will say, 'We know that guy, he's been around a long time, we'll allow the pregnancy to continue."
So lady's, If you ever plan on getting pregnant in the future with your partner, and you really don't want to miscarry, remember, oral sex and swallowing is key

Study by Dr. Gustaaf Dekker:


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