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Comment by Mr. Jack on March 25, 2009 at 11:33am
people can live their own lives by themselves, with no church to "guide" them to all this hypocrisy
Comment by Brad on March 25, 2009 at 9:32am
Wow, I haven't seen this video in a LONG time. I suppoese the last time I watched it my perspective was much different, but now after just watching it it seems that there are messages within the video that mesh with some of my thoughts as of late (the last 5 years), like, what do you think pigs and a money-sign-shepperd-stick have to do with each other? My theory, which when thought about for a fair amount of time, is that the food developed for the masses, has NEVER been about health, it's ALWAYS been about money. The old philosophers stone wasn't JUST about turning lead into gold.... and then you ask yourself who started this greedy, manipulative nonsense.... The church, that's who, and throughout all of history it has been the religious developing new ways of developing food making people dependent on thier science. then times changed and there became more agnostic and atheistic scientists out there, but they were still contracted and hired to do the greedy sinister religious work.

This is the middle of a very long and sick story, that happens to be true, but like they say in the movies..."YOU (most) CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH..."




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