Paul Kurtz - Exuberant Skepticism | For Good Reason

Paul Kurtz discusses his new book Exuberant Skepticism. He details the origins of the contemporary skeptics movement, and whether or not it has developed according to plan. He contends that skeptical doubt is an antidote to foolish beliefs but explains why, for him, skepticism is not just doubt, but is more active, inquiring, and affirmative. He explains why the skeptics movement's focus may be too narrow and trivial, and why skepticism should not be limited only to those questions which can be scientifically investigated: that skepticism should be extended beyond science and the paranormal to questions in ordinary life, politics, religion, ethics, business, personal affairs. He details why this sort of skepticism is vital to the life well-lived. He explains why Pearce's principle of fallibilism is central to skeptical inquiry. And he describes why, for mostly pragmatic reasons, skeptical nonprofits have generally refrained from their critique of religion.

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