Pen (Pen&Teller) intense, honest, clarifying commentary of a proselytizer.

At the end of the day, fence-sitters do no one any good.

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Comment by Nexusway on April 24, 2009 at 4:35pm

What the fuck is wrong with your brain?

There... did that bother you ?
Did it make you want to engage in civil discourse regarding
the validity of either of our approaches?

No. I would think most likely not.

So, a) - please don't attack a post and expect to be heard.
b) - I'd be thrilled if at least one person could say that
they understood what Penn was conveying.
c) His message wasn't supposed to be some critical-thinker Test..
but it looks like it may have turned into that.

Bill_S summarized the side-point well :

That no meaningful discourse towards mutual understanding
can begin if we do not allow ourselves and others the freedom
to express themselves without fear of attack.

I strongly feel that it IS* the fear of attacks, as so eagerly propagated
within Theistic circles, that holds back many Atheists or Agnostics from
coming OUT and stating they no longer are Theists.

If it always looks like a religious-shit-storm everytime
I look out my window, I wouldn't say 'boo' about being an Atheist either.

In all honesty, ( so I must be sincere to be sure )..


- You started off with a single sentence of derogatory dismissiveness.
- Although I enjoy punctutation, 17 letter V's and sets of !!! are banal.
- You cut and paste a massive quote with no introduction or sense of context
or explanation, or level of interpretation as to how it applies to your stance.

So I am going to have to take a guess then :

Your point was that you felt that the person presenting Penn with the bible
was simply saying whatever he felt was necessary to win him over, and that
it is the school of thouht of this person that any level of deception is considered
allowable if the final outcome is saving someone?

That may not be perfect but I think that is my best stab at it for now.

If that is correct, then, you did, in fact, miss the point of the message.

Athiest #7

Comment by Nexusway on April 24, 2009 at 2:53pm
..ahh.. No - That is entirely not the point of this segement.
Actually, - after listening to this strong message again..
I get the strong impression that you didn't watch it at all,
or simply were not listening at all, or could not follow it.

There is no way that you came up with your comments
after having completely watched it, and understood it.

Atheist #7

Comment by Lori Gilliland on April 24, 2009 at 11:06am
If that man beleives in hell and that Pen may go to hell and this man continues to worship a god that would send Pen to Hell, he is not a good man. That man worships a cruel god therefore he himself is a cruel man in this matter.



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