The purpose of my life is to embrace its beauty and enjoy living it.

For the curious or inevitably confused: This video was originally uploaded in September 2008 called "CARPE DIEM". It's my favorite video I've ever produced, and I felt it rang true with my life right now. Considering the fact that I only had 2,000 viewers when I uploaded, I figured I would re-upload for those who feel the same as myself. The purpose is not to live in denial and walk the same path your whole life; the purpose is to see it, learn from it, and enjoy all that the natural world can teach you.

Concerning future "gogreen18"/atheist videos:
I will only be uploading a few more videos to this channel (originals), then I will be moving on, I think. Not totally sure yet, but it's been on my mind for 3-4 months. I started this when I first came out as an atheist. I needed it to cope, to learn, and to fill my own shoes. I think I've done that now, and I'm going to be furthering other adventures in my youtubeing (lacigreen and another academic one possibly). I will continue living my life as an atheist with the same passions I've expressed. My final video on THIS channel will cover all of this, coming whenever I figure it out (:

my other chan I will continue developing




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Comment by LeoPardus on October 15, 2009 at 10:57am
WOW! Just wonderful. Thanks a million.
Comment by Libertino816 on October 15, 2009 at 10:11am
Wonderful video!



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