Legend Quest is like the da Vinci Code opening Al Copone's vault, what couldve been a pretty good show gets turned into a credulous trek around the globe misrepresenting archaeology and mangling history while jumping to conspiracy theory conclusions... leaving the viewer wondering what they just watched or flat out misled.

Im not sure of the host's actual credentials but if he doesnt know what a Star of David is or represents, or the difference between a wagon wheel and Chi Rho... i dont expect much from the show.

The Excalibur episode is ruined from the very start when he takes the Lady of the Lake and Merlin aspects of the story to be true but ignores how the story ends to go on another ridicules pseudo adventure.

He goes to Ethiopia in search of the ark of the covenant, but fails to even go to the church in Axum where they claim to have it.

Even the roads in Peru were more interesting than him, his crew, or what he was looking for.

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