Australian man lashed 40 times under Sharia law

A violent example of extreme Islamic law punishment has been carried out in Sydney, Australia, according to a 7News report.

A Sydney man who converted to Islam recently was allegedly whipped up to forty times for going out for alcoholic drinks with friends.

Reports say the man awoke in the middle of the night to find that four bearded men had broken into his bedroom at Melton St North in Silverwater.

As three men held the 31-year-old electrician down on the bed, the fourth man is alleged to have administered 30 minutes worth of lashing with a cable.

The victim told 7News that the attack was fundamental Wahhabist punishment for drinking alcohol, and that the welts he sustained were severe.

The assault has been condemned by members of Sydney's Muslim community.

According to the report, the man made a complaint to Burwood police after the attack on Sunday but is now afraid and has since become hesitant to cooperate with authorities.

He told 7News that he believed Islam is a beautiful religion and he hoped what happened did not distort people's view of the religion.

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