Thanksgiving Religious Debate - All in the Family

This is a selection of clips from an episode of America's most popular TV show of the 1970's - All in the Family. The episode was in Season 6 and was titled 'The Little Atheist'. In this episode, Mike Stivic (an atheist) and his wife Gloria are expecting a baby and they are adamant about letting the child decide for itself whether it will follow a religion or not. Gloria's father, Archie Bunker, has other ideas, and at Thanksgiving dinner an argument ensues.

My US subscribers will no doubt be familiar with the show, but for the benefit of my non-US subs and younger subs who don't know much about the show, here is the wikipedia link:

Mike and Archie often had humorous religious debates on the show, and if this video does well, I will post more of them.

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