The ATTACK of Liberals

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Comment by Alex Tyler on February 19, 2010 at 4:26pm
First, I like your new intro. Next, his desription of a vortex "trapping and exposing lies" makes no sense. Doesn't a vortex spin objects around and then release them at a higher altitude like a Tornado? Also I highly dought that if any organization donates to something/someone that they'd keep it under the table because they like the press to see them "giving back" although most only do it for the limelight. I think it's a rule that if your sponsering another group at your event then it has to be public knowledge to those who attend before they pay for any of it. I could be wrong but, if I'm not then... how could the Bishops Conference funding groups that are pro abortion/gay marriage be a "scandel"? Popluation Control is more like wide-scale birth control made law. China started doing that a while ago because they wouldn't have had enough land to fit everyone/everything if more and more children were to continue being born at the same rate. It's a smart economic deicision too by the way. Those same groups may also be anti-war and pro-self reliance, who said that they only promote what this brady bunch wig wearing tool says they do? He didn't even meantion any of these groups names so how are we supposed to do any more investigation? Classic creationist move... -_-

LMFAO! Richard... by far you have found the most epic catholic fail and truest sentence ever! Or maybe since Mike is a "REAL Catholic" he wants to have a baby under him in bed too? XD



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