The Placebo God In this video I explain why belief in God is a placebo, and a detrimental one at that. Follow me on tumblr at F...

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Comment by L Ross on April 7, 2015 at 4:42am
I've met many people who continue to believe in god because they think it makes them feel good--the placebo god effect. They can't identify their dis-ease but need something to cure it. What they really like about religion often turns out to be the opportunities for socializing, the music (group sing-alongs, Jesus Rock), and/or the food (all those free pot-luck dinners). Sometimes, it's just loneliness or boredom. Often, it's laziness (cradle Xians who don't bother to question anything). Some were sent to 12-step programs (by court order or a probation officer) to find their "higher power." Must be an idea for yet another humorous video in there somewhere: God for Girlfriends? Rockin' Jesus? Pot-luck God? Lonely Hearts Club god? Born to Believe? Religious Loafers? 12 Steps to Insanity? Higher Powders?
Comment by Luara on December 11, 2014 at 8:17pm

That intense brown patriarch doesn't look much like the personification of a placebo to me. 

Personification of the Superego, more like.



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