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This three-part series looks at:
1. What I believed when I was a theist
2. Concepts for gods I affirmatively believe do not exist
3. Concepts for god I believe to be unknowable

References in this video:
'Wire mother experiments'
In one of the most notorious experiments in the field of psychology, Harry Harlow subjected rhesus monkeys to social isolation, observing the connections they made with artificial 'mothers', fashioned from wire or terry cloth, and their reactions when confronted with frightening stimuli.

'I Claudius' by Robert Graves
A novel in autobiographical form about the life of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. I seriously recommend the DVD of the 1976 TV adaptation.

'Binker' by A.A. Milne
Part of the 'Now we are six' collection, this poem is about an imaginary friend called 'Binker'

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