Second part of my response to:

saizai's channel:

This three-part series looks at:
1. What I believed when I was a theist
2. Concepts for gods I affirmatively believe do not exist
3. Concepts for god I believe to be unknowable

References in this video:
Murray, Michael J. (2001) 'DEUS ABSCONDITUS'. Divine Hiddenness: New Essays. New York: Cambridge University Press.

George I. Mavrodes (1963) 'Some Puzzles Concerning Omnipotence'. The Philosophical Review, Vol. 72, No. 2, pp. 221-223

Contradictory examples mentioned in the video:
1:23 omnibenevolence + Hell

1:32 intrinsic omnipotence + intrinsic immortality

3:36 divine omniscience + divine free will

7:00 perfection + imperfection

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