I am Dom0ne
One of 7 billion people on a beautiful yet inconsequential rock
I'm an evolutionary product
It's a saddening proposition to say that
People need religion to have worth and value
This is the reality of our existence
And whether you like it or not
We are destined to continue on this path
This world is awash with selfserving, tribal intolerances but
We will arrest these vestigial, Bronze Age constructs in the future
I refuse to accept that
Children's minds will continue to be indoctrinated with divisiveness
People will always place hope above reality and
Faith will surpass scientific endeavour
I know this will be the case because I understand human psychology
Humanities focus will continue to shift
And rationale will shine light on those that wish to worship pretense
The human race has a path of enlightened optimism ahead
I would be lying if I said that
Religious ideolgy will invariably triumph over humanism
If we take the time to look at life with honesty
This Is Our Reality

Inspired by "This Is The Truth"

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