There is this nagging feeling, but not of any kind of higher power. This nagging feeling I have is that throughout most of human history, people have believed in things which gave them answers to questions that normally they couldn't understand and while we now understand nearly all of those once feared and hated things, people still hang on to those primitive, barbaric beliefs which is not a good thing for us as a whole and is slowing down the progression of our society day by day. This, is whats nagging me.
I have this nagging feeling that there will be more death and destruction in my lifetime and the lifetime of my future children due to the beliefs still held today by those who are either to afraid to realize the beauty of reality or those who are horribly in denial and would never even think otherwise that maybe, just maybe, they could be wrong.
I have this nagging feeling that even though more and more people are speaking out against religion, more and more people are opening their minds and realizing that as far as we know, there are no Gods and that even if there were such beings, those beings wouldn't care one bit as to what religion or belief we hold. This nagging feeling that even though this is slowly happening, I will not live to see the day that no one will have to suffer due to bigotry and racism. Maybe, just maybe, in my future childrens lifetime, infringing the rights of others for being different then most because of their sexual preferences, their gender, nationality, religious or simply lack of religious belief, could end.
This, is my nagging feeling.


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