Urban Chaos: Riot Response - Music Video

The only cop shooter you'll ever see me playing because I hate cops that much... but this game is okay by me since I'm more like a 3rd Party Faction and - IT'S TOO AWESOME TO NOT PLAY! XD Oh and I used the song for a reason. If I were a cop: Metal would ACTUALLY be The Law and the punnishment for crimes against Metal would be a swift/unmercyful death without a trial. No one wants to waste Tax Dollars anyways, right? PERFECT! :D
I am only renting this from Blockbuster, it's on PS2, sorry about the low quality/glare on my TV screen, enjoy watching and subscribe if you really liked it. I have more like this and better plus AMVs.
SONG: "Metal Is The Law" by Massacration
GAME - "Urban Chaos: Riot Response"
CONSOLE: Sony PlayStation2

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