Wanda T's Videos (21)

  • Gov. Prick Error

    Gov. Prick Error

    This is an excerpt from AronRa's 'Response to Prick Error' Which is a response to Rick Perry. —————… Wanda T Jul 28, 2011 43 views

  • God's Generosity...Or Not

    God's Generosity...Or Not

    The all-loving, all powerful christian god falls short of being all-loving. If he is so powerful, t… Wanda T Jul 20, 2011 62 views

  • Train Up A Child

    Train Up A Child

    "Get them while they're young." This is the unspoken (and not so unspoken) mission of churches ever… Wanda T May 15, 2011 22 views

  • The end is near! Again!

    The end is near! Again!

    The Rapture is slated to begin this Saturday. Are you ready? Wanda T May 15, 2011 61 views

  • Dane Cook- Atheists

    Dane Cook- Atheists

    This is Dane Cook's Bit in Viscous Circle. It is about a run in he had with an atheist. VERY VERY F… Wanda T May 2, 2011 100 views

  • Education, Politics, and Texas

    Education, Politics, and Texas

    A few questions directed at a man who has proven himself to be both knowledgeable and passionate ab… Wanda T Apr 28, 2011 26 views

  • Jebus Fever

    Jebus Fever

    This is an ongoing theme with me I guess! People can't choose a religion, or whether they even need… Wanda T Apr 26, 2011 29 views

  • Why live?

    Why live?

    My 3rd video with TheraminTrees. A response to the wonderful ReligiousFiction's video, 'Atheists: W… Wanda T Apr 22, 2011 31 views



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