coyote's Videos (5)

  • Sandstorm

    Sandstorm 0:22

    I got to walk home in this shit, decided to videotape some. It got much worse after this was taken coyote Mar 26, 2010 74 views

  • Pheasant

    Pheasant 0:23

    A captive common pheasant, ringneck variant. There is a population of common pheasant near the rive… coyote Mar 22, 2010 18 views

  • What I have to breathe everyday

    What I have to breathe everyday 0:15

    The local jet fuel refinery I am downwind from. coyote Mar 22, 2010 60 views

  • Bees

    Bees 0:05

    A swarm of local Italian Honeybees. When actively transporting the queen, the swarm is quite hostil… coyote Mar 22, 2010 114 views

  • Mexican Longnose Snake

    Mexican Longnose Snake 0:19

    A juvenile I captured a couple of years ago. I have found two specimens of this species. One was qu… coyote Mar 22, 2010 33 views



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