When should an omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent Being be expected to do anything god-like? Here's our take on the subject.

Put simply, Epicurus' questions with some nice visuals, courtesy of The Thinking Atheist.

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Comment by William Grant on June 18, 2013 at 5:18am

That's OK, Debra,.. I knew that about the Jehovah thing,and, I am so glad that u r away from those nuts. My friend cares for me a lot and feels that I should have the right to think what I wish ! Lucky me ! After knowing my JW for 40 some odd years,.. we started having those endless, meaningless arguments. Just wouldn't let it go, or , that Watchtower bull that I wouldn't line a birdcage with !lol I did a lot of defensive research during that time and learned a lot, though I know little about the Amish, I'd almost like to play like I was one ,.. just for a while(I think it's the farm boy in me). Thanks for the stuff you told me, I can add it to my research of religions and mythologies. You probably know that they(JW's) have finally thrown King James in the trash can, where he belongs ! Yes,. they are so smart that they decided to translate the scripts themselves,..yelp. They call it, da daa, "The New 'World' Translation" Maybe u can help me with something I don't understand. How does my JW justify remaining friends with me ,.. I don't get it ? I thought that was really,really bad. I ,of course, have no quarrel with anything , as long as we stay cool about that weird shit ! What's the deal,. shouldn't this person not associate with me? Isn't it punishable? 

Comment by William Grant on June 18, 2013 at 1:46am

Loren, I have posed that question many times to a JW friend of mine, saying that I didn't think it mattered what we called it, at one point suggesting that,Trash can, was one of my favorites ! Well,..even though I was gracious enough to point out that I did start,Trash, with an uppercase T. He refused to see my humor ! The nerve of some people !  lol

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