Why do people laugh at creationists (part 31)

Okays, looks like Banana Man has decided to fill the shoes of PCS. Fine by me.

Ray Comfort, of Way of the Master (Living Waters Ministry) is a fundamentalist Christian, best known for declaring that bananas prove the existence of God.

Now Ray always tries to put the positive spin on this, like look at all the publicity I get, while ignoring the fact that he is an internet star only for his stupidity.

However, while Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron may be slow learners, its dawning even on them, that having someone who is famous for their stupidity endorsing a product like the bible, may not really be a particularly good strategy.

They have therefore evidently tried to rewrite history at least twice now to shake off the spectre of The Banana man. The first one was the apology from Ray Comfort, where he basically said his banana design proves god is valid, if you include the coke can. In this video he also acknowledges that bananas have been selectively cultivated by man (he uses the word hybridize). Ray, in a recent video has back pedaled on this to saying there is no evidence of this. Yes this is simply denial. However denial should not be too much of a surprise given the mans claims that he KNOWS where the universe came from, because of some 2000 yr old desert ramblings. Anyway Ray Comfort has now gone on to pretend that even his attempts to rewrite history never happened, and in what can only be described as a bold faced lie, without shame, Ray has now claimed that it was satire/ humor all along. If you had said that from the beginning Ray, someone might have believed you. Regrettably the fact that your story changes every time you tell it simply rings of a liar without shame trying to shake off a brand image, that on camera you claim to be happy about.

Yup this video is not as polished as some of the more recent WDPLAC.
It was made in comparative haste, and on the road. I have real work to be getting on with at the moment, and free time is a scare commodity.

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