You Could Die On A Crowded Street - BUT NO ONE WOULD HELP YOU! The immoral and bluntly disgraceful nature of this is just beyond me. I guess it proves for a fact that the majority of people DO NOT CARE for much of anything these days... or do they FEAR helping another person? COWARDICE KILLS.

PS- I know this sounds weird comming from ME. I may support the death penalty and believe it should be quicker *7 months on Death Row max then - BYE-BYE!* but, I don't support killing innocent people or standing idlely by while others are in desperate need of help. Kind of ironic/funny how people I know in real life think I'M JADED and "Negative" though... anyways: SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE PLEASE:

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Comment by Alex Tyler on April 28, 2010 at 4:34am
@Dustin Rogers - no problem. I however see the death penalty as quite humane. If we allow a serial rapist to run free, he will rape more people. If we simply lock him away for life it will cost tax dollars. Why should we be paying for a prisoners meals/clothes/living space if he will just waste away in jail? It's more humane on everyone AND cost effective as well.

Of course the law system itself will need MAJOR REFORM, like I said: I do not support killing innocent people. My idea is we try to prove 100% inncoence first then if that doesn't work, the defendant must be guilty to some degree. In addition, all police officers will need to be re-authorized, the ranks thinned out, all backgrounds rechecked and all officers retrained then kept under extremely close watch as well. With a swift death penalty in the works we would have to be sure that no ones personal views/emotions stand in the way of the truth, those who uphold the law are still not above it.
Comment by Dustin Rogers on April 28, 2010 at 4:07am
this is a serious look at humanity and thanks for the tunes it is my belief that the death penalty is not only barbaric but inhuman



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