YouTube Poop - Geerup Makes Billy Mays Laugh

I just love how funny Geerup can be when he is stereoptyping others for their personal choices. It's so funny when he says shit like this - JUST LISTEN TO THESE QUOTES! XD
Geerup: "VenomFangX Thinks He Has 1 Up On Billy Mays. HAH! What A Joke..." "I'm A Spoiled Little Brat And I Can Explain Why Because - I'm An Emo Kid. Conforming As Can Be, You'd Be Conforming Too If You Looked Just Like ME." "Evil VS Good VS Billy Mays? HAH! What A joke..." "Christians Are Told - THIS...IS....SPARTAAA!!! And It Makes Sense" "Human Beings Are Trigger Happy." "The Whole World Has Been CURSED Because Of The Jonas Brothers Diabeetus." "People - DIE DIE DIE!" "If Your Beautiful In Reguards To Being Desired By The Masses, COMMIT SUICIDE! Your One Big Pile Of Crap!!!" "For VFX To Meantion Billy Mays, VFX Must Die!" "If Theres Really NAZIS Here, People Who Are Trying To Go Against Freedom... Especially Here On YouTube, It's *Extremist* Christians Man. I Mean WERE The Brave Ones, WERE The Ones Going Against Freedom."
Emo Adolf Hitler: "WHOO Facism!!!"
*ENDING SONG: "Don't Talk To Strangers" by "Blind Guardian" ~Dio Cover~*

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