Alex Honnold is the Michael Jordan of rock climbing and an outspoken atheist. He has scaled El Capitan in Yosemite Valley without a rope - the only person to accomplish such a feat. Nat Geo has exclusive footage to be shown in 2018. It is refreshing to see someone for whom centimeters are the difference between life and death not put faith in a mythological deity. His skills and ability are super human, yet he is a down to Earth person. 

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"His skills and ability are super human, ...."

Impressive, yes. Super human smacks of theism.

A nickel says others will better Honnold's achievement.

I was thinking the same thing, Tom. 

Definition of superhuman

1 :being above the human 
  • superhuman beings
2 :exceeding normal human power, size, or capability :herculean
  • a superhuman effort
  • superhuman strength
; also :having such power, size, or capability

OK trolls:

He is the only human on the planet to have climbed El Capitan without a rope / harness. If that isn't superhuman then I don't know what is.

Anybody that can perform above and beyond most humans is superhuman.

Superhuman and supernatural are 2 different things. The first does not have to invoke the latter. His skills and abilities are superhuman. No deities involved. The whole point is that he doesn't subscribe to theism. He never has and likely never will. Can you say the same ???

Just pointing out that superhuman doesn't " smacks of theism "

Good point I guess. Who is to say whether Dylan was referring to drugs or biblical stoning. Who cares.

Don't care for him. Oh wait. My back pack is fresh out of shits to give. He sounds like a wind up toy.

Actually I like some Dylan - more so his song writing vs his singing though.

Dylan is cool. I just associate that song with people drunkenly singing it together while thinking it is about getting high.

Part of what makes him superhuman, in addition to his physical abilities, is how he is better able to cope with fear than average humans. Scientists are studying his brain.

Somebody may one day = or better his feat of scaling it in under 4 hrs without a harness. Records are meant to be broken. People may also die trying.




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