He opens his 2017 book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry with this claim:

In the beginning, nearly 14 billion years ago, all the space and all the matter and all the energy of the known universe was contained in a volume less than one trillionth the size of the period that ends this sentence.

Do you believe him?

Sure, an atom is about 99.99% empty. What keeps it from collapsing to a tiny fraction of its size? What keeps the universe from collapsing in proportion?

But do you believe Tyson’s claim?

To use the scientific method, not the religious method (authority), visit


and download the free PDF file.

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My personal belief is that the universe has always been here in one form or another. This eliminates a "big bang" and puts the universe itself in the category that Christians put their god. I cannot prove this but I do know that time as we know it is not the same for all of us. Turtles and tortoises live in a slowed down world along with us and other species. This is why they live so long. 

Ideas of needing a "big bang" go along with explaining how it all started and how we all got here. It also explains why the universe is seen as ever expanding. The expansion is explained by that long ago explosion. In time we might get a better model.

Michael, leave it to a Catholic priest, Georges LeMaitre, in the 1920s to use part of what Hubble said to support the Genesis story.

If the red shifts are a Doppler shift . . . the  observations as they stand lead to the anomaly of a closed universe, curiously small and dense, and, it may be added, suspiciously young.

On the other hand, if red shifts are not Doppler effects, these anomalies disappear and the region observed appears as a small, homogeneous, but insignificant portion of a universe extended indefinitely in both space and time.

— Edwin Hubble, 1937 Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notices

Or, can you imagine mathematicians in a power struggle with physicists?

Gravity cosmology is a realm of mathematicians alone and has lost touch with physical reality.

Plasma cosmology is a realm of electrical engineers and is verifiable by experiment.

— HoloscienceArchive dot pdf page 43

I cannot refute any statements about the role that electricty and magnetism play in our universe, but others who can seem to look at the claims being put forth in a much different way.  


Christopher, it’s okay for people to not study physics.

It’s okay to not use the scientific method, which requires observation, a testable hypothesis, empirical evidence, and reason.

And it’s okay to not suspend judgment.

The religious method requires only that people accept authority.

I agree....thanks for the support!

It is my understanding that a lot of our universe is made up of dark matter and it has this name because it is something we cannot see. This leaves a door open in many areas. Remember that before Hobble we did not see too much of anything clearly. Even then they had to polish and realign it.




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