Hello! Thank you for accepting me in Atheist Nexus!

Hello and thanks again for accepting me! After years of being a devote christian I have left my faith and became an atheist just 2 years ago. It has been some weird years and as many of you have experienced, lonely and though, especially when living surrounded by devote christians.

I am currently working on a blog to express my thoughts and have discussions regarding religion and skepticism. I hope to learn more at Atheist Nexus and make new friends.

Thanks again!

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Very good to meet you. Glad to see you've realized the fallacy of it all.

Many great people here to comment with & learn from.

Nice to meet you too! Thank you. Yes, only wish I would have done it sooner. But here I am, finally free from that fallacy.

Well you're here now, & that's what counts.

I don't recall ever believing, & even though I tried as a girl, it just never took. I was raised mormon, but finally told mother I was done with it by age 17. 71 now, & never regretted it.

Im really glad that you were able to live your life without regrets about it! Looking forward to living my life the same way.

Thank you Bertold Brautigan! Im glad you have made it out and have been happy. I will try to see as much content as possible! :D

Hiya, Wolf!

I came out of a United Church of Christ congregation, maybe not quite 50 years ago.  They're pretty bland, and in some ways, it's harder to get shut of that kind of belief because it's so vapid.  Still, get rid of it I did.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your input here, for sure.  Please enjoy!

Hello Loren! I would imagine that it is hard. I have never been to a United Church of Christ but I do understand how bland church can get. Still i am happy that you got rid of it and that you are here helping (as you did with me). Hope to post something more soon!

Welcome to Atheist Nexus OrionWolf. I look forward to reading your comments and sharing mine. This is a safe place to explore ideas. 

Thank you Joan! Sounds great, I am eager to learn and explore more as well as to read your comments and knowledge.

 Welcome! 'm Glad you have come out after about two years, It took this shlubb about 25! This is the place that helped me to not only stop bing afraid, but due to the community actually gave me the confidence to become active! Don't forget to look at the old post there is so much information there! There are experts here on just about everything! Don't be afraid to pm them as they are more than willing to answer any questions you might have!

Hello Compelledunbeliever! Im sorry it took me long to reply (computer broke down). Im glad you are free! I think that is very important that we continue to be active! Which is why I decided to take my first step and join the community. So far it has been great. Thank you all for being so kind! I am really looking forward to seeing many posts here to learn.




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