Jack Holmes suggests that Trump's climate actions deserve impeachment even more than all of his treasonous machinations and lies (my terms).

Someday, They'll Be Amazed We Didn't Impeach Trump Over the Climate...

Yeah, Ukraine. But actively undermining our efforts to combat an existential threat

to human civilization as we know it surely qualifies as a high crime.

About half of the 88 cities in Los Angeles county are classified as "Very High Fire-Hazard Severity Zones," raising the prospect that in the future, the gleaming jewel of the West—our great American dream factory—will come to resemble a very particular kind of hell. After all, as Wallace-Wells tells us, some of these fires grow an acre a second. Some grow three times faster still. You cannot outrun fire traveling 60 miles per hour on the Santa Ana winds.

... someday, assuming we make it that far, future generations will surely wonder why we did not remove him from the world's most powerful office simply because he denied the existence of a fundamental threat to human civilization as we know it. 

 He has actively rolled back our efforts in pretty much every department, to combat a crisis that will upend not just our children's lives, but our own.

Surely, this constitutes a high crime against humanity.

... his rich cronies probably believe they can make enough money to outrun whatever the consequences may be if they're still around when the time comes. That will require covering an acre a second. 

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Holmes echoes what Naomi Klein says,"Trump, no matter what he tweets, knows climate change is real. What he believes, as so many in his class believe, is that his wealth will keep him safe" Naomi Klein on the Green New Deal & the Working Class

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Ruth, unless there is evidence i question whether he believes climate change is real. I know he took a test that quite a few candidates took in science and he scored lowest of all. I know he has bragged about never having read a book. He was not reading his intelligence briefings. He seems to have a greatly overblown sense of self and relies on his intuition. 

A better question is why was he elected? Is there any real departure from what we knew him to be?

Excellent question: "Why was he elected?"




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