Many GOP Xians Have Thrown Jesus Away and Are Worshipping Donald

I don’t hate the GOP xians I know but I want to give them some tough love. I will phrase it as a question.

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You and I know Jesus is a fiction; a problem is that Donald isn’t a fiction.

And his followers are not fictitious characters. 

I expect any day now that some of these lying idiots will say "I don't know how I can make it through a single day without him."

Recently a supporter told me that Trump isn't racist, fascist, or white supremacist. He doesn't mock the lame, women, or less fortunate in any way. That's just Trumps way of getting your attention. He doesn't really mean it. OK. Let's apply that logic to the school shooters. It makes a lot of sense now doesn't it. Maybe they didn't really mean it.

Michael, you point out the essential fact, they really mean it.




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