Oklahoma GOP wants to restrict marriage to people of faith

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What they'd really like would be to restrict Oklahoma to people who belong to their church.  "Outsiders" obviously include atheists, gays, Muslims, Jews, foreigners (furriners), people who speak any language besides English, and several more.  But in reality they'd love to exclude Catholics, any protestant denomination besides their own, people who "look wrong" (color, height, eye shape, etc.) and whatever else they'd think of after all that was accomplished.  I grew up there.  The day after we finished college we moved to New Mexico.

I pay little attention to the Uncle Homer GOP. They probably think that god married Adam and Eve.

I live in Wisconsin.

So do I.

Oh! This creates a good opportunity to boycott all things religious. I don't know how much money goes to the church because of weddings, funerals, christenings, or whatever. Just don't use the church or religious people. Money talks, so does an absence. 

Now, to more strategy, Challenge any ridiculous statement you hear or see. "You really believe god had sex with a young girl without her permission? That is rape!" Lay it on, thickly. Be obnoxious! Use ridicule. Make up negative euphemisms about  "church wedding" or find positive terms for weddings by a justice of the peace. Name a church wedding as an example of the hubris of religion. Use the example of the black slaves who were denied religious marriages, therefore the slave couple "jumped a broom handle" instead. 

Have fun with the ostracism; no need for anger or vitriol. 

Sounds like Oaklahoma GOP has wingnuts in its belfry!

He is the common garden variety of the "Contemptus Thugus Republicus Christonus."  First cousin to the common Cock Roach which is insulting to the Roach's.

I have faith that the Oklahoma GOP is populated by idiots. Actually, I have strong evidence but since they respect faith more than science, faith it is.




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