The USA Is Becoming More Secular in An Important Way (Despite the Pessimism of A Few of Us)

Until recently the term Acts of Gowas used to describe natural events (such as storms) that do harm in our lives.

I’m selling an empty lot I own and the contract I’m negotiating refers to such events — even in holier than anywhere else Texas — as Casualty Losses. 

That is progress!

We can now focus our efforts at sillinesses such as In God We Trust and Under God.

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I like Acts of Nature. Would that work as well?

Hi Kathy. I always blame both Ma and Pa Nature.

What used to be broadly defined as acts of god, or acts of nature should be called Anthropomorphic change.

Eventually  class action law suits will be won in court for damages and harm caused from polluters of the environment.

Citizens who think tort reform that denys class action lawsuits act on the behalf of coroprate shills.

Unfortunately many people have opinions beliefs about topics they know nothing about yet vote on them anyway. 

I spoke with a guy who is a teachers aid at a middle shool who said he thought  he was required to vote on every topic on a ballot. 

Naturalized citizens probably know more about how the U.S. government functions than people born, raised, and educated in the U.S.

I read an article  somewhere ten or fifteen years ago about tests immigrants take for citizenship that showed the answers the Immigration service considered the most correct were factual  and gross errors. Sorry I haven't found a reference to the news article. I think it was in the NYT's.

As far as the words "in god we trust" I am so sick of seeing and hearing this. It's pitiful. Police cars running around with "in god we trust" on the back bumper. What is this?

It could be a silent prayer in which the officers hope they won't be shot and they want god to help them. It could also be a message to the community reminding the public that the police are Christians. Yes, support the police because they believe in god. (Which god? That could be a problem.)

                                                                       HOW ABOUT

                                                         You Get What You Vote For

That would be real enough but if they don't like that I would settle for police car bumpers reading "We support the Easter Bunny."

Michael, our present reality requires a wide-body police car.

Everyone Gets What The Electoral College Majority Vote For.


Do you mean: "In God We Trust" inbededded in the license plates?

I didn't see that on the MO department of Revenue site for qualified licence plates.

Are you saying they have decals on the bumpers?

Additional Plates Available:

It's printed above the plate number. Probably 90% in this state  opted for the slogan " in God we trust " on their license plate. 

Chris,  I'm not in Mo. I'm in Ky.  In God We Trust is imprinted in the license plate.  Or,  The Bluegrass State.  I chose the latter. 

Decals on the bumpers. I would think that to have a chip in the license plate you would have to assume someone was going to use it illegally. That would be an expensive plate.

Some state licence plates have imbedded sayings.

It's been a while since I looked at this topic.

I find decals of any kind not authorized on public vehicals inappropriate. As a private citizen I don't put decals, or stickers on my vehicals.

In MO would an officer be allowed to place a decal on his bumper about rival college football teams?

You could have fun placing bumper stickers on city and county vehicles.

I used to work at a place where there was a conflict. A guy placed a bumper sticker on a co-workers car that said - I don't recall exactly - Lets hook up call (with the telephone number to his house).

To lighten it up perhaps in protest placing bumper stickers saying "I'm more Christian than you." would make a statement without getting you in much trouble.

We have met the enemy, and they are ours.”

~ "Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, September 10, 1813. In the War of 1812, Perry’s stunning victory on Lake Erie had far-reaching effects, sounding a death knell for Tecumseh’s dreams of establishing an Indian confederacy.

"we have met the enemy, and they are us."




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