The FFRF has pointed out the recent actions of crazed American theocrats - 

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin made an outrageous comment on a radio show following the Charlottesville disaster in which he blamed the racist violence that exploded on the removal of bibles from classrooms in the 1960s. We let him know that the bible actually encourages violence and racism.

Marco Rubio is not tweeting "an errant bible verse or two, but more than 60 bible verses in three months. That's enough verses to tweet the entire Book of Jude. Twice," writes FFRF's Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel, also a constitutional attorney. 

One of Rubio's most recent tweets, quoting Exodus 10:21, suggests that the eclipse was a sign from god. Darkness is the second to last plague the biblical god inflicts on Egypt, before sending the final plaque to murder every firstborn male.

It makes me nauseous to see a US senator constantly tweeting bible verses.

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People running the country actually believe this.

Maybe someone should remind ol' Marco about his namesake, specifically Mark 12:17 ... though guys like him don't want to hear that.

John, I wonder if they believe it, or they just pander to those who DO believe.  I mean, seriously, does ANYONE think that Drumpf honestly became a Christian and actually prays for the victims of Hurricane Harvey?  All it is is a game.  What astonishes me is that so many fall for it.

I think those two actually believe the nonsense. How could they not and make such idiotic statements ? Drump on the other hand is not religious. He just panders to the religious right and has surrounded himself with theists.  I dont think Trump believes half the shit he drones on about. For him, most of his attempted policies are a matter of pride. Does he really believe a wall is necessary or just want to get it done because he said he would ? Did he really believe Obama was a Muslim born in the middle east or some such nonsense ? I think he was just pandering to his support base. He truly has a child's mentality.

How do you take these guys seriously without laughing? Plagues of Egypt have nothing to do with the recent eclipse and this is a word play to scare people. I'm amazed at so many on the news that claimed they just didn't believe it when they saw the eclipse. Talk about gullible. Rubio, Bevin, and others just want to use bible verses to explain natural phenomena.

Preach it, brother. And do you know what god did next? No I don't and neither do you. It's all made up!




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