To Be “Pro-life” in a Death Cult. What Does It Mean?

“Catholicism is a death cult.”

I first heard that two years ago, sixty years after I quit Roman Catholicism. During 12 years in RC schools I had so often heard that nothing important happens before death, that I asked myself why I hadn’t long ago seen its truth.

“Offer it up to Jesus.”

That was the standard reply to people who spoke of their unhappiness. 

“It’s selfish to not have children.”

And of course selfishness is bad.

a Add to those the Church’s hostility to sex, and I saw that “pro-life” means anti-sex.

I leave it to women to feel and react to Catholicism’s misogyny.

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Christianity is a death cult, and probably Islam too.

I've seen so many people who were terrified of the 'final judgement', giving the money intended for the children to the church, denying themselves all the happiness, joy and fun they could have had, feeling guilty for being human, being cruel to animals, their children and to anyone not belonging to their church. They break up family ties because of little cult differences, and darken the lives of their children. They could have been happy...

How tragic, indeed, that so many people sacrifice this one real life for a promised hereafter -- one that believers don't even have as much confidence in as in gravity or medicine or seatbelts! It reminds me of DarkMatter2525's video "If Heaven Really Existed" -- "Medical science, what a joke! You got pills to make my penis grow, but where's the pill to make my tumor grow?!"

“It’s selfish to not have children.”

I've heard that a bunch of times.  To me its selfish to have childred - especially in todays world with climate change and what not.

People considering making babies should ask themselves why it's so important to conceive more children, rather than adopt ones who are already here and need loving, capable parents. founder Bill McKibben's book title Maybe One is a suggestion for how many new children to bring into the world.

I know a couple who are definitely committed to raising children; they have four biological children and six adopted ones. Not everyone needs to raise that many!! (Not everyone needs to raise any.)

We have the technology to decouple the incomparable pleasure and bonding of sex (for female-male couples) from making babies. It's selfish to refuse to use it.

For Pro-Life to be taken up by theists as they do today takes a lot of scripture twisting and cherry picking. First off, Jesus never said anything about concepts of this issue. He never spoke on the subject. Then we have to address the term itself. If you are not pro-life does that mean you are pro-death? As the issue enters into politics I'm finding so very many lying about it. People want to claim that babies are killed to make vaccines. Others clearly say that Dems want to kill babies to be able to keep doing abortions. This gets into Planned Parenthood being called "abortion clinics." GOP friends of mine claim there is no way of knowing how many abortions these women have had. Apparently abortion, which would still cost women a fee, is viewed as cheaper than birth control pills. I think we all know that this is not so. 

Recently Trump spoke on the subject claiming falsely that "the baby is born and they wrap him in a blanket carefully and then the mother and the doctor discuss  how to kill the baby." Any moron would know that this is not true. Maybe true for Kermit Gosnell, but this is also why he is doing life in prison today without possibility of parole. None of this situation is Planned Parenthood. You cannot convince the wannabe believers who passed super strict anti-abortion laws in Georgia after a recent Hollywood movie, "Unplanned."  Hollywood women themselves are up in arms about this, even some that were in the movie. The idea is to boycott Georgia when it comes to future movies. We also find that Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy and a friend of Trump has backed that film "Unplanned" with a million dollars. This is hardly a coincidence. 

Trump is a master at distraction and disinformation. His actions always divide the country in order to get his way. It is hard to convince his followers of this however. The Abrahamic religions form a death cult of which the GOP is part of. The fact that the buybull says early on "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" is the mandate for having as many children as possible. Rather than fund adoption agencies the government would rather deny issues of women's health and take control of their bodies in doing so. 




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